Are you ready to solve The Hague’s most glaring quests?
5 March, 2021 by
Are you ready to solve The Hague’s most glaring quests?
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The municipality of The Hague challenges young and impactfull entrepreneurs to come up with innovative solutions for The Hague’s Urban Challenges. The municipality of The Hague invites startups to collaborate on the developments of the city of The Hague and Scheveningen.

On Thursday may 26th during Impact Startup Fest deputy-mayor Karsten Klein started the pilot ‘Startup in Residence The Hague’. Startups get a chance to submit and express their solutions before July 4th. On July 10th the winners will be announced that continue to the training program. In this program startups get the chance to push the boundaries of their product or service with the help of workshops and trainings. At the end of the program the city can buy their solution or service and in this way be the launching costumer.

Startups will be set on a mission within the themes ‘Mobility’, ‘Livable City’ and ‘Social impact’. They will be invited to find solutions for a diverse set of ‘wicked problems’ within these themes that play within the metropolitan area.

The general challenge is to bridge the gap between government and startups. From a startup perspective you need to be able to come up with a creative out of the box realistic solutions. The more the gap will be bridged, the more chance a startup has to have the city as a launching customer.

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