Climate Conference
7 July, 2022 by
Climate Conference
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World War III caused by Fake News
On horseback you feel as moving in time
A camel to the beat of a drum played by a drunk
Political parties catch the national narrative oxygen
Spreading distrust within society
Target practice off-set with live rounds
Danish witchcraft folklore
Consult a mental health professional
Try giving reality a go
Foundation is a black box
Poisonous algae mixed with the massive change
Stories are good at getting our attention
Flying on brooms
Kidnap children and make them work for peanuts
The farmer has heard stories
A trip to somewhere exotic
Better keep silent
Irregularly-shaped dark patches within the twinkling expanse
The Lines themselves are superficial
Great changes to the weather all over the world
An mirror held up to your destination
Waterloo freezes
Remembering the Feast
Suicide is painless

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