Management buy-in for car sharing platform ParkFlyRent
5 March, 2021 by
Management buy-in for car sharing platform ParkFlyRent
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Car sharing platform ParkFlyRent announced it has secured some additional growth funding from its current shareholders, as well as a management 'buy-in' by new CMO Jochem de Boer (former Proctor & Gamble).

Financial details unfortunately remain undisclosed. The startup combines the need of travellers to park their car at Schiphol Airport with the need for rental cars. Last year investment company Dasym announced a minority interest in the service.

ParkFlyRent: free parking

Travellers are offered a free parking lot at the airport. During a holiday or business trip, the startup will try to rent their car for them. Besides free parking, the traveller will receive part of the profit (if the car is rented) and will get the car back freshly washed.

ParkFlyRent was founded in 2013 by Niels de Greef. The startup is one of the proponents of sustainability and the sharing economy.

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