Legalloyd secures funding from Marco Aarnink and others
5 March, 2021 by
Legalloyd secures funding from Marco Aarnink and others
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Amsterdam based legal startup Legalloyd today announced a funding round of 500.000 euro by a group of informal investors.

One of the investors is Dutch entrepreneur Marco Aarnink, who recently sold his company Drukwerkdeal to American Vistaprint for 24 million euro.

Legalloyd offers an online legal platform with custom made contracts to offer companies a faster and cheaper entrance to relevant legal information. Companies such as Blendle, De Correspondent and Ace & Tate are already customer.

Legalloyd, founded by Philip de Roos, has been up and running since January of this year. The company now has 14 employees. “We are the first startup in the legal sector to secure an investment of this size”, says De Roos. “This is a big step for us.”

New wind

According to the people behind the startup, a new legal wind is finally blowing through The Netherlands. One that is led by tech startups that bring the much needed change in a somewhat old-fashioned sector.

“The Legal Tech Startup Awards were for example founded this year to open up the clogged legal market”, says Legalloyd. The Dutch startup may do exactly this as it cuts out legal advisors and reduces the costs of legal assistance.

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